2020 Chamber Music Festival


Thank you for visiting our Livestream page. The 2020 season was a great success. 

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We always look forward to the next season with the Taos School of Music because it means more beautiful chamber music is coming back to Taos, and it happens every summer! The music each year is a sheer delight, with world-class quartets in residence and master students here to study with them. All of the performances are superb and keep us longing for more!

David & Carol Farmer


David and Carol Farmer from Taos, New Mexico

To experience a performance by the Young Artists of Taos School of Music is to be entranced by the display of talent and exhilarated by the possibilities of joy inherent in beauty. Their focus, discipline musicianship renews our highest hopes for the future of what we value most.

Sharon Niederman


testimonial from Sharon Niederman

What makes the Taos School of Music so special is its unique blend of youthful energy with exceptional musicianship. I’ve attended many concerts by the National Symphony Orchestra and Kansas City Symphony, but none of these performances delivered an experience as hopeful, educational and inspiring as the student performances. Taos is so lucky to host such talented musicians. These concerts are not to be missed!

Susan J. Preston


Susan J. Preston, santa fe web designer

Summer would not be summer without attending the Taos School of Music concerts! An evening with music from such impeccable artists is completely transporting. The musicians, with their nuanced, sensitive performances, evoke a full range of emotion and I enjoy hearing both my favorite classical selections as well as the more contemporary numbers with which I am not familiar. I love hearing both faculty and student musicians talk about the music they are playing–it’s always an educational experience. I am so grateful to be able to support this remarkable organization.

Martha Grossman


Taos concert goer, Martha Grossman

Join our chamber music family!

Classical Music for Everyone!

Finding classical music audience members under the age of 50 can be rare.  Chamber music sometimes has a reputation of being pretentious, stuffy or elitist and going to a concert may entail getting dressed up and paying a small fortune for a ticket. That is precisely the mold Taos School of Music is breaking. Our concerts are accessible, affordable and welcoming. 

On the Cusp of the World Stage

Over 800 alumni have participated in our program and advanced to successful careers in classical music. Alumni of Taos have become founders or members of quartets such as Brentano, St. Lawrence, Jupiter, and Muir to name just a few. They’re members of classical groups such as Eighth Blackbird and A Far Cry and served in all of the major orchestras in the US and abroad. They have also gone on to teach at major music conservatories around the world. 

Impeccable Performances

Experience the power of chamber music. Connect and communicate with the musicians in a way that is unattainable with other media. The remarkable faculty perform five concerts throughout the season and the talented young masters charm audiences with eight different performances over the eight weeks.


Taos School of Music performances are accessible to everyone. Where else can one hear the country’s premier string quartets for just $25? Young Masters concerts, $15, are a favorite for audiences because of the vitality and energy the students bring to a piece. Don’t miss the free Hotel St. Bernard concert and seminar series where concerts are performed in an intimate setting the way chamber music should be heard.

Make a Difference in Young Musicians' Lives

Many take a personal interest in our Young Artists. Help support these young musicians by donating to the Young Artist Scholarship Fund which will go directly to reducing their room and board fees.  

“I should be sorry if I only entertained them. I wish better to make them better.”

George Frideric Handel

Be Transported!

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