In Memoriam

A tribute to the memory of our heroes

elegant intentionally blurred image of cranes in flight in the Bosque del Apache, New Mexico

Last October, we lost our dear Jean Mayer, owner of the Hotel St. Bernard and host to the Taos School of Music since its inception in 1963. Housing the students at the hotel that summer was a test run and it was an instant hit. The rest is history.

Jean treated the faculty and students like family and made sure they dined on the finest French cuisine.

Chilton Anderson, one of the brains behind the formation of the school, passed away in March of 2014. As the first Director of the school, Chilton worked to establish the program format and traditions that are still in place today.

Neither of these two giants of the Taos community could have imagined that the school would come to be one of the most sought-after summer training programs in chamber music in the country.

This summer we honor these two heroes for the legacies they left behind. Hundreds of successful alums are in their debt for the opportunities to hone their skills and go on to make their mark as professional artists.

How beautiful we have this video of Jean and Dadou Mayer speaking below. Enjoy…