58th Annual Festival Program

After a very long winter, let’s take the time to celebrate this summer!

The long dark winter of isolation from that which feeds our souls is receding. Despite this we all found creative ways to mitigate this. Zoom made it possible for us to keep connected to loved ones and family. YouTube, Facebook, and other media platforms made it possible for musicians and arts organizations to stay connected with music lovers. Last summer the Taos School of Music made a commitment to keeping chamber music alive and produced the Virtual Festival. Our faculty stepped up to the plate and provided innovative performances and seminars. We chose the “best of the best” recordings from our audio/video archives to feature our Young Artist performances

As this summer was being planned, it was not known if live concerts would be possible. Thus, our Streaming On-Demand project was born. This summer we will offer five faculty artist concerts and eight young artist concerts. Each concert will be recorded to be streamed a week later to allow for post-production work. Those who purchase tickets will have on-demand access to the performances for 30 days. This is a new and exciting venture for the school as now performances from our faculty at the pinnacle of their careers and those of our young artists on the brink of theirs will be available to a wider audience.

Personally, I have missed the human, community, and emotional connection that results from the live concert experience. I have missed seeing the transformation of each young artist throughout their summer at Taos. I have missed my interactions between faculty, young artists, and concert goers.  Our streaming concert project this summer is designed to bring as much of that personal connection to the comfort and safety of your home as is possible.  We will also be adding special features to our on-demand concerts that you will not want to miss.

Lastly, this summer we are honoring two giants of the Taos community who worked together over the decades to make the Taos School of Music one of the most sought-after summer training programs for young aspiring talent: Chilton Anderson and Jean Mayer.  As an alum, I am so grateful for the opportunity to study chamber music in the most beautiful location with renown faculty and sustained by the finest cuisine a student could ever think of consuming!

We invite you to join us this summer as we showcase our young artists and faculty in remarkable performances through our On-Demand platform.